Going Back to School in Person: Tips for a Super Start!

Many kids and families are really excited about the opportunity to go back to school in person this fall. And teachers are certainly looking forward to getting their classes back together under one roof! With several weeks of summer KITS School Readiness Groups under our belt, we’ve got some words of wisdom from our KITS teachers who have had the opportunity be with our KITS kids in person this summer.

Beyond the usual essential self-care skills for kindergarteners, such as being able to fasten and unfasten clothes, open food containers, and use the bathroom by themselves, KITS teachers recommend focusing on some essential kindergarten classroom skills as well. Having had limited opportunities for the past year and a half to spend time with children and adults outside of their families, children are really eager to get to see their school friends and teachers. And that excitement can be really hard to contain! While we don’t want to stifle kids’ excitement about seeing their peers and exuberantly calling out the answers in class, we do want everyone to have their turn to speak and the teachers to be able to deliver their lessons.

Luckily, KITS has some effective strategies to help children learn to wait and work on taking turns. You can also have fun while developing active listening skills and turn taking through storytelling, games, and self-regulation activities. And it may be helpful to revisit information about talking to children about sharing during Covid-19 and mask wearing to help to protect our schoolmates.

And, there will be children (and parents) who feel nervous about the start of school. Never fear, we have information for how parents can help kids to be less nervous about the start of school. And if you are feeling anxious as a parent about your child starting school, here are some tips for you! Finally, if you are concerned that the first day may be overwhelming for your child and lead to tears and tantrums, we have some suggestions about handling “I-don’t-want-to-stay-at-school!” meltdowns (that work for older children as well).

Yes, getting ready for school may look different this year, but you’ve got this! With some focused pre-teaching and a little practice, your children will know just what to do when school starts!

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