Introducing the KITS Program…..

Have you been hearing about something called the KITS Program happening in your school? Would you like to know more about it? Then you have come to the right place! Check out these facts about the KITS Program, including where it will be offered this summer and how to sign up.

What is the KITS Program?

KITS stands for “Kids in Transition to School”. It is a FREE program designed to help children get ready for kindergarten. We have tested the program and found that it contributes to better early learning and self-control skills in kindergarten and beyond. See how it even changes children’s brains here.

There are two parts to the program: a school readiness group for children and parent workshops for their parents. The school readiness group is a lot like a kindergarten class. The children learn early academic skills, like letter sounds and counting skills. They also learn skills that are important for preparing to learn, such as how to pay attention, wait for their turns, and control their impulses. The groups also give children a chance practice getting along with their classmates and skills like how to start friendships, to share, and to be a good sport (even when they don’t win).

The parent workshops are designed to help parents help their children get ready for school. So we talk about activities that parents can do at home to increase their children’s skills, how to put together school routines that work for your family, and how to get involved at your child’s school in ways that you can manage.

The KITS Program lasts for 12 weeks. The school readiness groups meets for 2 hours 2 days a week in July, 3 days a week in August, and 1 day a week (afterschool or on the weekend) for 4 times in September. The parent groups meets once a week for 2 hours for all 12 weeks of the program. To make it easy for parents to attend, child care is available during the workshop times. If parents can’t make it to the workshops, arrangements can be made to receive the materials so that you don’t miss out on the information!

Where is the KITS Program?

In Summer 2018, the KITS Program will be offered in 13 school districts in Lane County to children attending the following elementary schools: Applegate, Bertha Holt, Bohemia, Bridge Charter Academy, Cesar Chavez, Clear Lake, Creslane, Danebo, Dorena, Elmira, Fairfield, Guy Lee, Harrison, Howard, Irving, Latham, Laurel, London, Lundy, Malabon, Maple, Marcola, McCornack, McKenzie, Meadow View, Mt. Vernon, Oak Ridge, Prairie Mountain, Riverbend, River Road/El Comino del Rio, Siuslaw, Territorial, Two Rivers-Dos Rios, Veneta, and Willagillespie. If your child will be going to kindergarten at one of these schools, your child can attend KITS this summer for FREE. Transportation will be provided by the school districts.

Each district will have a different schedule so if you are interested in the program, please sign up to receive more information in one of the ways listed below.

How do I sign up to learn more about the program?

If your child is going to kindergarten at one of the schools listed above, there are a few ways that you can sign up to hear more about the program:

  • Register through the KITS website by clicking here.
  • Register at your school. There are materials in the school offices and a place to leave your contact information. Look for the red KITS boxes!
  • Fill out a contact form and leave it in any red KITS box! We will have boxes in doctor’s offices and community agencies all around Lane County.
  • Call us and give us your information at 541-681-4206. If you leave a message, please be sure to tell us which school your child will be attending.

Once you sign up to hear more, a KITS Team member will call or email with information about the program at your child’s school.

If you are not sure that you want to sign up but want more information, email us through our website or call 541-681-4206. We are always happy to answer questions!

To read more information about the project to bring the KITS Program to all of Lane County and see what others had to say about the program last summer, check out this post. For a kindergarten teacher’s experience with the KITS Program, see this post.

We are so excited to be partnering with the school districts, the education foundations, and United Way of Lane County to offer the KITS Program in schools all around Lane County this summer! We would be delighted if you and your child can join us!

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