Helping Parents Prepare Their Kids at Home

We love to see children and parents in person. But when that is not possible, we support parents to teach their children critical school readiness skills at home. With programming for the summer or the school year, we help parents practice social emotional skills with their children and use positive parenting skills that promote school success.

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What is KITS At Home-KITS En Casa?​​

KITS At Home-KITS En Casa is an online program for parents that is grounded in the evidenced-based KITS Program for parents and children. The program incorporates material from both the in-person parent groups and the school readiness groups for children. The curriculum includes 16 one-hour long sessions. Parents also receive social-emotional skills activities to try with their kids. Groups are offered in English or Spanish.

Adapting to the Moment

KITS At Home-KITS En Casa was originally created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When we could not meet in person during the summer of 2020, we decided to support parents to take KITS home! Since then, we have found that there are often times when we cannot meet in person. So we have continued to offer KITS At Home-KITS En Casa. We have also created a version of this curriculum that supports parents to work with their children when learning has to be online. We recognize that supporting children in today’s changing times requires flexibility in creating access to KITS materials.


  • You do not need special software or a laptop! You can do KITS AT Home from any device with an internet connection including smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can access KITS At home from your own home, while you’re in the car, really anywhere you can access internet and feel comfortable.
  • KITS At Home is a program just for parents. It consists of parent meetings held over video conferencing.
  • Of course! KITS At Home was designed to make attending the group convenient for parents.
  • Parents discuss ways to support learning from home and school, how to encourage positive behaviors at home and school, making a smooth transition to kindergarten, and how to become involved in their children’s schooling. Parents also discuss social-emotional skills and receive activities to help their child practice the skills.
  • KITS At Home includes similar topics to the Summer KITS Parent group. With KITS At Home, parents also discuss important kindergarten social-emotional skills and receive activities to help their children practice the skills.
  • Here is a template letter you can send in to your school/district with information about KITS programs and how to contact KITS for more information.