Summer Preparation for K

Kids in Transition to School –or KITS– is an evidence-based school readiness program developed at the Oregon Social Learning Center. During the summer before kindergarten, the program builds children’s academic, self-regulation, and social skills and supports parents in using positive strategies to support learning at home and school. Click here to download a printable PDF with information about the KITS Summer Program.

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For Kids

The school readiness groups are structured like a kindergarten class.
A 24-session school readiness group curriculum concentrates on:

  • Early literacy skills (e.g., letter names and sounds, concepts about print)

  • Early numeracy skills (e.g., recognizing numbers, counting)

  • Self-regulation (e.g., teacher-preferred skills such as sitting still and raising hands)

  • Social skills (e.g., cooperation, sharing, recognizing others’ emotions)

For Parents

An 8 to 10 session workshop for parents fosters opportunities for peer to peer support while focusing on:

  • Ways to support learning at home.
  • How to encourage positive behaviors at home and school.
  • Making a smooth transition to kindergarten.
  • How to become involved with their children’s schooling.


  • Your district’s website is a great place to find information on the programs your district offers.  Sign up varies by district, some schools offer online sign ups, some have a phone number to call. Most schools will offer sign up for KITS during their kindergarten registration events. You can also check our Facebook page for information on how to sign up.
  • Early literacy and numeracy skills like letter names and sounds, concepts about print, counting, recognizing numbers. Self-regulation skills necessary for kindergarten like sitting still, raising hands, making transitions. Social Skills like cooperation, sharing, recognizing and handling emotions.
  • In KITS parent groups parents discuss ways to support learning at home, how to encourage positive behaviors at home and school, how to make a smooth transition to kindergarten, and how to become involved in their children’s schooling. We hear frequently from parents who participate that the parent-to-parent support they experience in group is one of the most valuable pieces, and favorite reason to attend.
  • KITS school readiness group and parent group sessions are 2 hours long. The amount of sessions per week can vary by district.
  • For questions related to the program at your specific district, contact the KITS staff at your district for more information.
  • For information about how the KITS Family of Programs align with ESSA guidelines, click here.
  • For information about how the KITS Family of Programs align with Trauma-Informed Care Principles, click here.
  • Here is a template letter you can send in to your school/district with information about KITS programs and how to contact KITS for more information