What parents say...

Kristi, a first-time parent from Bohemia Elementary was concerned because her son suffered from separation anxiety and was terribly shy. She had been dreading kindergarten for months. Then she heard about KITS. She was hopeful and her hope paid off. With solid direction and encouragement of his KITS teachers, it did not take Raylen long to gain confidence and begin making friends. The combination of the KITS classroom and the parent group provided the opportunity for Kristi and Raylen to learn new skills that would make their school year successful. When she dropped him off the first day of school Raylen hesitated slightly, his eyes held a couple of tears because mom was going to leave. But, he knew he wanted to be there! She knew he wanted to be there! Raylen walked into his classroom prepared. Kristi had thought she would be sad watching him enter his first day of school, but she was not. This was a SUCCESS! She did not shed one tear. Raylen would be more than okay. Hear from other parents in the video below!


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What educators say...

Kids across Lane County have gained a strong advantage and are entering kindergarten prepared, because they have attended the KITS Summer Program. Teachers are amazed at the skills KITS kids display on the first day of school! Crow-Applegate-Lorane Kindergarten teacher Nicole exclaims, “We hit the ground running! So many kids were involved in KITS that they just helped pull the other kiddos up by their bootstraps, and it’s like ‘this is how we do it’!”


But don’t just take our word for it, hear from instructors in this following video

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