Partnering for School Success

To maximize the effectiveness of a new program, you need more than just a manual. We provide sites that are implementing KITS programs with ongoing consultation, training, coaching, and technical assistance. We will be your partner in ensuring that your KITS program is strong, sustainable, and fits your unique community.

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We Partner With You From the Beginning

Getting any program up and running is a detailed process. At KITS, we can help you to lay the groundwork for a successful program by providing consultation and technical assistance on multiple steps such as:

  • Introducing the KITS program to staff within your organization, potential funders, and other partners
  • Hiring/recruiting KITS staff
  • Inviting and enrolling families
  • Considering logistics of facilities and transportation
  • Materials needed for the program

Training + Coaching = The Best Results

Pairing an initial training with ongoing coaching can lead to better and faster implementations of new programs. That’s why we provide regular, consistent coaching for new KITS Teams after an initial training in person or online. Our KITS coaches provide strengths-based feedback to KITS teams and help them to tailor the program to the needs of individual children and families. Coaches are also available for consultation between coaching sessions. We are always here to support you with training and coaching that will help you provide the best KITS programming for your families.


  • Training for both PG and SRG combines direct instruction, modeling, and practice of the teaching and facilitation strategies developed over years of KITS implementation. This includes: positive behavior support strategies to support pro-social and cooperative behaviors, social-emotional skills for school success, and using the KITS curriculum effectively.
  • Training can be held both in person, and virtually.
  • KITS coaching uses a collaborative, strengths-focused approach to support teachers and facilitators in delivering the KITS program. Our coaches appreciate the hard work of teaching and the importance of coming together as a team to recognize each person’s strengths, and to work together to find the best approach to support the children and families participating in KITS.
  • KITS training is for KITS educators including supervisors, teachers, assistant teachers, and parent group facilitators.
  • Here is a template letter you can send in to your school/district with information about KITS programs and how to contact KITS for more information.