Resources for Families in Times of Covid-19

With the decision to close K-12 schools in many places, this can be a stressful time for kids and families. Following the advice of Mr. Rogers to “look for the helpers” in times of uncertainty and fear, many individuals, agencies, and businesses have stepped forward to provide FREE resources for their communities. We decided to begin collecting these resources here. Some of these–like food assistance–will be specific to Lane County, Oregon, and some will be for families anywhere. Resources are arranged by topic. Click on a topic to go the list.

Online Resources

        1. KITS’ very own Coach Livia will regularly post a new drawing prompt to @amalg_imals. Draw your own picture and see other’s wacky combinations, post with the hashtag #amalgimals.

        2. Check out these cool art mini lessons, one about dinosaurs and making your own dino out of recycled materials, and this one on creating your own portrait while also learning about presidential portraits and the most recent presidential portrait by artist Kehinde Wiley.

        3. Many artists are doing free art tutorials for kids and adults. Learn to draw a pot bellied pig with artist Eileen Murphy, or Wendy MacNaughton who is doing a live drawing class for kids each day this week on Instagram.

        4. Draw every every day on YouTube with Jarret J. Kroscoczka author of “Hey, Kiddo” and the “Lunch Lady” graphic novels.

        5. Mo Willems, author of the The Pigeon series, has videos of draw-alongs, activity sheets, and more.

        6. Draw with illustrator Matt Tavares on his Facebook page.

        7. Online games involving art and works of art from the Getty Museum.

        8. Try some new maker projects with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, as well as a section called ‘Museum at Home‘ with activities and DIY shows.


      1. Language Sprout offers story times and lessons in a variety of languages including Spanish, French, and Chinese.

      2. Learn Spanish with games from Rockalingua.





    1. This is a stressful time for parents and kids. Mindfulness and meditation not only help with stress and anxiety, but may help your immune system. Try free apps like, Headspace for kids with cute, kid-friendly animation, Breathe, Think, Do from Sesame Street (bilingual app but only available for iPhone/iPad unfortunately), or Insight Timer.
    2. An great infographic to remind parents how to handle challenging behavior which might be more likely when everyone is feeling stressed about being at home so much.

    3. A wide range of mental health resources from the Child Mind Institute including tip sheets, videos, and online consultations.

    4. A factsheet for parents and caregivers on helping families cope in times of Covid-19 with useful tips on handling stress and anxiety.

    5. Great suggestions on how parents and kids can de-stress from PBSKids.

    6. A resource guide during times of Covid-19 for survivors of domestic and family violence.

    7. A Safe Space offers coping tips and resources as well as a place to chat with a professional.

    8. A comprehensive list of mental health resources focusing on many topics from general mental health and well-being to resources for specific groups such as those experiencing OCD, eating issues, and substance use issues, and LGBTQ youth.


    1. A nice explanation of why handwashing works for elementary and older kids.

    2. Great infographic for reminding kids (and adults) how to make the most of Healthy Handwashing.


  • Can’t go browse for books at the St. Vincent DePaul stores? You can shop online and still help your neighbors.

  • Volunteer to help a local foster family in Oregon through My NeighbOR.