Evidence-Based Programming

The KITS programs are evidence- and research-based. The KITS summer program has been rigorously tested in 3 randomized clinical trials and one scale-up evaluation. All of the other programs are based on the KITS summer program and have been tested in pilot studies. 


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The Positive Impacts of KITS

Before and during kindergarten

  • Gains on early literacy

  • Gains on self-regulation skills

  • Positive changes in brain functioning and stress response

  • Increases in effective parenting skills and greater parent involvement in school.

In the longer term

  • Higher self-competence in third grade.

  • Less involvement with deviant peers and less endorsement of risky behaviors in third grade


  • Fewer suicidal thoughts and behaviors through fifth grade

  • Positive effects on reading fluency through fifth grade

Click below for a bibliography of publications about the effects of KITS: