School Success Starts Here

The KITS family of programs promote school success by helping kids and their families make a strong start in school! The KITS programs use experiential and supported learning to build on the existing strengths of children and parents so kids are ready to thrive in school We also support educators to positively foster children’s social-emotional and academic skills and engage parents in their children’s learning.

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KITS Programs

The KITS programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of different families and communities. The curricula include the standalone summer programs in English and Spanish, online programs for parents, and lessons that can be included in the school day. All of the programs emphasize social-emotional and academic skills for school success along with ways that parents can support children’s learning.

An evidence-based program featuring components for children and parents during the summer before the transition to kindergarten.

A culturally-specific adaptation of the KITS Summer Program for Spanish speaking dual language learners and their families.

An online program for parents that focuses on the kindergarten year, supporting school success, positive parenting tools, and fostering social-emotional learning at home. Available in English and Spanish.

Lessons in critical social-emotional skills for the classroom and parent workshops in English and Spanish. 

KITS Training and Support

At KITS, we know that support and training for a program are keys to getting the best outcomes.  That is why we are available at every step of implementation, from planning logistics like recruitment to supplying materials for the KITS groups to training and coaching your KITS staff. When you implement KITS, we become your partners in promoting success for your students, families, and educators!

  • KITS Training – Training and ongoing coaching in the KITS techniques for teaching and supporting social-emotional and academic learning are included in every KITS program implementation.
  • KITS Support – We help with the logistics of running the program, from hiring KITS staff to setting up recruitment processes for families.
  • KITS Supplies – All the materials for your KITS Program delivered in a box saving staff time for teaching, not prepping.

Who Does KITS Partner With?

We work with pre-kindergarten providers and programs, K-12 schools, districts, and local education agencies, community agencies, and philanthropic organizations to promote the best outcomes for children, families, and educators.


Our Funders

  • Collins Foundation
  • Corporation for National and Community Service Social Innovation Fund
  • The Ford Family Foundation
  • Institute of Education Sciences
  • Jubitz Family Foundation
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • United Way of Lane County


  • Your district’s website is a great place to find information on the programs your district offers. Sign up varies by district, some schools offer online sign ups, some have a phone number to call. Most schools will offer sign up for KITS during their kindergarten registration events. You can also check our Facebook page for information on how to sign up.
  • For information about how the KITS Family of Programs align with ESSA guidelines, click here.
  • For information about how the KITS Family of Programs align with Trauma-Informed Care Principles, click here.
  • Here is a template letter you can send to your district with information about KITS programs and how to contact KITS for more information.