What is School Readiness?

The KITS Programs Address Critical Domains of School Readiness

  • Literacy – includes knowing letter names and letter sounds, understanding where to start and stop reading, and being able to pick out rhyming words.

  • Numeracy – includes recognizing numbers, counting in sequence, understanding bigger and smaller, and recognizing patterns.

  • Social Skills – for kindergarten, important social skills are sharing, cooperation, understanding feelings, problem-solving, and being able to make new friends.

  • Self-Regulation – includes being able to pay attention, wait, smoothly switch from one activity to another, control your own behavior, and manage frustration and other big feelings.

  • Parent Involvement – when parents and other caregivers are involved in learning at home and at school, and can support positive behaviors, children do better at school.

The KITS Programs address skills in each of these domains during each lesson for children. Parents and caregivers learn how to support children’s skills in their own group meetings. Supplemental activities give parents and children opportunities to practice these skills at home. Educators receive comprehensive training in how to implement the KITS Program model, including strengths-based approaches to teaching and supporting children’s social-emotional development.

School Readiness is good for children and families, educators and schools, and communities

Children who are ready for school will model success for their peers and contribute to positive classroom and school environments.

Families who are involved in their children’s learning and engage with teachers and schools will work with educators to ensure children’s success.

Educators who feel prepared and supported will build on their students’ strengths to foster achievement and social-emotional development

By supporting children, families, educators, and schools, KITS Programs help communities to reduce inequities and opportunity gaps, strengthen some of their most critical resources, and contribute to future growth and prosperity.

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