Supporting Dual Language Learners

¡VAMOS! is designed to support children who are Spanish-speaking dual language learners and their families to succeed in school. Based on the KITS Summer Program, ¡VAMOS! is a culturally and linguistically responsive adaptation created in partnership with bilingual, bicultural educators.

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Components of ¡VAMOS!

The ¡VAMOS! curriculum includes a 24-session school readiness group for children focusing on early academic and social-emotional skills. All lessons are conducted in Spanish.

There is also an 8 to 10-session parent group designed for parents who primarily speak Spanish. This group focuses on parent-to-parent support, and preparing for and becoming involved in school.

How was ¡VAMOS! developed?

¡VAMOS! is based upon the KITS Summer Program but is not simply a translation of the materials. The KITS Team collaborated with bilingual, bicultural educators to make culturally and linguistically appropriate adaptations to the KITS curricula for children and parents. We offered programming to families and asked their opinions about how to further improve it. Then we made those changes and asked more families what they thought. We thank all of our partners and the children and families who helped in the creation of ¡VAMOS!


  • Your district’s website is a great place to find information on the programs they offer. Sign up varies by district, some schools offer online sign ups, some have a phone number to call. Most schools will offer sign up for KITS during their kindergarten registration events. You can also check our Facebook page for information on how to sign up.
  • Here is a template letter you can send in to your school/district with information about KITS programs and how to contact KITS for more information.