Interested in sponsoring KITS in your community?

We work with pre-kindergarten providers and programs, K-12 schools, districts, and local education agencies, community agencies, and philanthropic organizations who want to promote the best outcomes for children, families, and educators.

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Getting Started

The first step in starting your own KITS program is a consultation with us. We love to talk with potential new partners to get to know the particular needs of your children and families. We can help you determine which of our programs might be the best fit and we can estimate costs, depending on which particular program you want to run and for how many students and/or families. We will also discuss your needs for support with hiring, recruitment, and other logistics. This initial consultation will help us to tailor your implementation so that you will have a successful and sustainable KITS program!

What KITS Programs provides

What the sponsoring partner provides:

  • Funding
  • Personnel to implement the program
  • Space for the program
  • Transportation and Snacks

Ask Your Community to Start a KITS Program

We want to make it easy for you to tell your school principal, district administrators, leaders of community organizations, and anyone else about KITS. You can use our templates to send letters or emails to people who you would like to learn more about the KITS programs. Here’s how:

STEP # 1

Click on one of the links below to go to a Google doc.

STEP # 2

Click on menu FILE and then click on “Make a Copy”.

STEP # 3

Personalize your copy of the letter with your name and any other details you want to add.

STEP # 4

Print or email your letter.

Program Funding

KITS programs have been funded by school districts, educational and philanthropic organizations, and governmental aid. Often braided funding streams have supported KITS implementations. We are experienced in helping our potential partners to identify potential funding sources. There are a number of possible funding options for KITS, including:

Funding Options

  • General education funding
  • Title 1 funds
  • State early learning or kindergarten transition funds
  • Agency funding
  • Foundation funding
  • Corporate funding