Where to Get Meals for Kids in Lane County- Fall 2020

(Updated October 12, 2020)

School districts in Lane County are continuing to provide meals at various times and places across the county to youths 18 years and younger and students enrolled in distance learning. Below is information that was posted on each of the school districts’ websites in alphabetical order. We have also listed general resources for families who might need help with food at the end.

You can download a PDF of this list here: Where to Get Meals for Kids in Lane County- Fall 2020

Bethel School District

Grab-and-go student breakfasts and lunches will be available (at no charge) at every Bethel school beginning Tuesday, September 15th.

Pick up warm, grab and go meals on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:00am-1:00pm except for these schools:

Prairie Mountain:

Students will also be provided multi-meal boxes to cover 7 days a week.

Blachly School District-Triangle Lake Charter School (TCLS)

ALL students are eligible to get free breakfast and lunch for each school day. We are lumping the meals together into two distribution days: Monday will have breakfast and lunch for both Monday and Tuesday; Wednesday will have both breakfast and lunch for Wednesday and Thursday. Students must sign up to get meals, and select a pick-up location (at bus stops or at the school). If you need to sign up for meals, please contact the main office.

Creswell School District

As of Tuesday, September 15 – Creswell School District has started delivering student meals to designated stops in the district. If you would like to be added to one of the pick-up locations please call Creswell School District Transportation at 541-895-6009. Please include the following information in your message: name, number of kids that need a meal, and a phone number to call you in case more information is needed. Please call as soon as possible, so we can provide the appropriate number of meals for each location. We can start delivering meals the day after you call.

  • Meals are free from ages 0-18 until December 31st, 2020.
  • The Creslane location will continue to operate on school days from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • At these sites, the meals will be served outside the main doors or out the rear door of the bus.
  • The school district staff will place a cone on the ground in front of the bus door to maintain social distancing when we have a large group waiting at a stop. Please do not approach the bus until the staff has directed you to do so.
  • Please have only one representative from each family come up to the bus.
  • The school bus will remain at each stop for at least 10 minutes or as long as needed.
  • There will be 2 delivery times per each delivery location. The 1st delivery time coincides with the Creslane and Creswell High School lunch breaks. The 2nd delivery time coincides with the Creswell Middle School lunch break.

Eugene 4J District

Free grab-and-go meals available to youth 18 years of age and under.
Dates: Starting Monday, September 21st.                                                                      Hours: 10:45am- 2pm. Monday- Friday.

  • Arts & Technology Academy, 1650 West 22nd Ave. (back by roll up doors)
  • Cal Young Middle School, 2555 Gilham Rd.
  • ECCO, 200 N. Monroe St. (lobby)
  • Holt Elementary School, 770 Calvin St. (back cafeteria doors)
  • Howard Elementary School, 700 Howard Ave. (lobby)
  • McCornack Elementary, 1968 Brittany St.
  • Madison Middle School, 875 Wilkes Dr.
  • River Rd/Camino del Rio Elementary, 120 W. Hilliard Lane.
  • Roosevelt Middle School, 500 E. 24th Ave.
  • Spencer Butte Middle School, 500 E.43rd Ave.

Fern Ridge School District

Free Meal Pickup

Location: Elmira High School, 24936 Fir Grove Ln.

Dates/ Times: Mon- Friday, 11am-12:30pm.

Available for all youths 18 years and younger. Parents, guardians and/or children may pick up meals.

Lowell School District

Lowell School District will provide food services in the following manner:

In-School Learning: All in-school learning students will have breakfast and lunch served in school. We will also be distributing a snack sack at the end of the school day. All meals served will be FREE OF CHARGE to all in-school students Monday through Friday. Weekend food for in-school students is available. Please contact the food service department, 541-554-4969, to arrange pick up.

Distance Learners and All Other Children: Any students who are distance learning, or children not enrolled in school who are 18 years and younger, have two options for food service – Lundy Drive Through and Bus Route Delivery.

Lundy Drive-Thru: The Lundy Drive-Thru operates each Friday from 11am to 1pm. Families will receive meals for seven days for each distance learner or child 18 and younger not enrolled in school.

Bus Route Delivery: The bus route delivery will operate each day Monday through Friday. One designated route will go out each school day. This delivery will provide seven days’ worth of meals for all distance learners and for children not enrolled in school who are 18 years and younger. You can pick up food from the route closest to you or meet another route stop that works better for you and your family. For information about the route closest to you, please call the Transportation Department at 541-937-5070.

Disclaimer: You cannot pick up food from the routes and the drive through. Please choose what works best for you and your family. In-school learning students are served meals free of charge during the school day.


Mapleton School District

Food Delivery: Monday- Wednesday

Food & Supply Delivery: Thursday

Call the Elementary Office at 541-268-4471 with questions

Deadwood Route:

2:50-2:55 at Brickerville Pull Out

3:00-3:05 at Swisshome Church

3:10-3:15 at Indiola Park

3:20-3:25 at Deadwood Post Office

3:27-3:30 at Lake Creek Mountain Road

3:45-3:50 at Deadwood Community Center

4:15-4:20 at Indian Creek/Thompson Creek Junction

In Town Route:

3:00-3:05 at Richardson Road by the tracks

3:25-3:30 at 11922 East Mapleton Road, Barrow’s House

3:35-3:37 at 11525 East Mapleton Road, Moffett’s House

3:45-3:47 at Lion’s Club

3:50-3:52 at Rice Road

4:00-4:02 at Sweet Creek/Hadsell Creek Pull Out

4:05-4:10 at High School Anchor


Mckenzie School District

Our partner district in Springfield is happy to support your children, ages 0-18, with free meals at these locations.

You can also reach out to the Red Cross for information on meals in your area.


Oak Ridge School District

All children ages 1-18 continue to eat free! OSD will be providing breakfast and lunch to any child between the age of 1 and 18. The meals will be delivered at the same time, lunch for the day of delivery and breakfast for the next day.

Meals will be served between 11:45 am and 12:45 pm Monday – Thursday

At this time if students are K-3 who are in person at our schools will receive their meal at school and will not pick up at the bus stop. Lunch will be available for students via delivery routes:

Pleasant Hill School District

Grab and Go Meals (Breakfast and Lunch)

Pickup Location: Pleasant Hill High School

Hours: Monday- Friday 11am- 1pm.

Meals will be available for all PHSD students 18 years and younger through December 2020.

There are no income requirements and no applications necessary. Children do not need to be present when picking up meals.

NOTE: K-3 in-person students will be offered free meals during their scheduled AM/PM class time.


Siuslaw School District

Walk Up / Pick Up Locations                              Time of Service

Siuslaw Middle School                                            11:30am – 11:45pm

Siuslaw Elementary (School Breezeway)            11:45am – 12:40pm

Siuslaw High School – Parking Lot                       12:40pm – 12:50pm

Delivery times at mobile locations are either 12:15 or 12:40. The full delivery schedule can be viewed at Fall Meal Service Schedule – September 14, 2020


South Lane School District

Both Breakfast and Lunch will be served at the below locations and times for all youth aged 0-18.

Location                                                                                           Time

Bohemia Elementary, 721 South R Street, Cottage Grove      10- 10:30am

Harrison Elementary, 1000 Taylor Avenue, Cottage Grove     10:30- 11am

London Elementary, 73288 London Road, Cottage Grove       11- 11:30am

Lincoln Middle, 1565 4th Street, Cottage Grove                         11:15- 12:15pm

High School, 1375 S. River Road, Cottage Grove                     11:30- 12:30pm

Dorena Elementary, 37141 Row River Rd, Dorena                   12:45- 1:15pm

  • 1 “set” of meals per student, per day.
  • Lunches will be a hot meal, but served refrigerated- to be heated at home.
  • All meals are free to all youth aged 0-18 until December 31st (or until USDA funds run out).
  • Parents/Guardians can pick-up meals without children present.
  • All meals are available at all listed sites and times for all youth no matter their school.

Springfield School District

To-go breakfast and lunches available at SPS schools:

School-based meal sites are back to their normal sites and schedules with a few changes due to the Holiday Farm Fire. Meal service will take place at all elementary schools with the exception of Walterville, Thurston Elementary and Ridgeview – these schools are either located in evacuation zones or are being utilized by emergency staff working to fight the fire.

The following schools are open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday to pick up hot to-go lunches and breakfast for the following day. These meals are available for any child ages 0 to 18, they do not need to be an SPS student.

Agnes Stewart: 900 S 32nd St, Springfield, OR 97478

Centennial: 1315 Aspen St, Springfield, OR 97477

Guy Lee: 755 Harlow Road Springfield, OR 97477

Maple: 2109 J St, Springfield, OR 97477

Ridgeview: 526 N 66th St, Springfield, OR 97478 *starting Monday, Sept. 21

Riverbend Elementary: 320 N 51st St, Springfield, OR 97478

Thurston Elementary: 7345 Thurston Rd, Springfield, OR 97478

Two Rivers – Dos Rios:1084 G St, Springfield, OR 97477

Yolanda: 2350 Yolanda Ave, Springfield, OR 97477

Page: 1300 Hayden Bridge Rd, Springfield, OR 97477

Douglas Gardens: 3680 Jasper Rd, Springfield

Mt Vernon: 935 Filbert Lane


General Resources

Please note that this is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all available services.

For information about services available through FOOD for Lane County go to www.foodforlanecounty.org/get-help/.

For information about St. Vincent De Paul’s food resources go to www.svdp.us/get-help/im-hungry/.

For information about the Community Sharing Program in Cottage Grove, go to www.communitysharing.org.

For information about the Florence Food Share, go to www.florencefoodshare.org.

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