Keep Kindness Going All Year Long!

Everyone needs connection and friendship for a happy healthy life, and taking time to practice gratitude and show appreciation is a great way to build connections and improve your well-being. We have been focusing on the importance of kindness, and ways to talk about kindness with kids all month. National random acts of kindness day is February 17th, 2020, which presents an opportunity to help our kids engage in the experience and positive feelings that come with acts of kindness for others. But why stop at one time a year? Here is a list of kid friendly ideas to engage children in random acts of kindness year-round!


Show your teacher appreciation! Teacher appreciation day is officially in May, but we agree every day should be teacher appreciation day! Draw a picture or write a note to tell them how you appreciate them or how they have a positive impact on you.


Make valentines for your neighbors, especially elderly neighbors who live alone.


Put money in a vending machine or arcade game and walk away. The next person will have a surprise free game!


Spend a day celebrating your sibling, or parent and treat them to an un-birthday; it’s their special day! Do nice things for them, offer to do their chores for a day, give them a big hug, throw confetti when they walk in the room, surprise them with a card or note that says why you appreciate them, etc.


Mail a card or write a note for a friend or relative for no reason other than to tell them they are special to you.


Pick a day and give a compliment to every friend and relative you see that day.


Use sidewalk chalk to draw and write positive messages around your neighborhood.


Donate dog and cat food to local animal shelters or food banks.


Eat lunch with someone new at school and make a new friend.


Collect blankets, hats and mittens or gloves to donate to local shelters and community outreach organizations.


Collect and donate toys to local toy drives.


Invite a friend over to bake cookies and bring them to your local fire station.


Or use these ideas to brainstorm acts of kindness special to your family and community. We LOVE hearing all the wonderful ideas kids come up with, let us know what your favorite is.

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