Reduce Teaching Stress with Praise!

Teachers, have you ever had a day when you could almost feel your blood pressure rising as one more thing gets added to your to-do list and the kids just will not settle down to a lesson? It can be hard to think about praising children when they are not listening to your directions. And you shouldn’t reward them then. But don’t let your frustration and stress over past misbehavior get in the way of praising children when they are doing the right thing. Reinforcing students when they follow rules and routines, complete tasks, and follow directions (for example) can help create a positive classroom environment. And positive classroom environments promote learning and reduce stress.

We have created an infographic with easy steps to using praise in the classroom. Post it where you can see it and use it to increase positivity and reduce stress!

Click here for a pdf:

Using Praise in the Classroom Infographic




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